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Windows 11 Beta Teases Enhanced Gaming

Windows 11 Beta Teases Enhanced Gaming

A recent Windows 11 beta build reveals hints of a potential new feature called “Automatic super resolution.” This technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance game visuals and boost performance. The description suggests a similar function to existing technologies such as Nvidia’s DLSS and AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution, which increase frame rates for smoother gameplay.

Microsoft remains tight-lipped about the feature’s implementation, leaving room for speculation. This potential addition aligns with industry trends where companies like Intel utilize AI-based supersampling. The goal is to achieve better frames-per-second by lowering in-game resolution and employing AI for realistic image reconstruction.

The question remains whether the market truly needs another supersampling solution. Notably, Microsoft develops DirectX – a crucial graphics API – so incorporating supersampling directly within DirectX is a possibility.

Although early testers report the feature is not fully functional, there is heightened interest surrounding this development. Microsoft’s entry into the AI-enhanced gaming sphere could shape the future of PC gaming experiences.