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Microsoft Rolls Out Spell-Check and Autocorrect to Windows 11 Notepad

Microsoft Rolls Out Spell-Check and Autocorrect to Windows 11 Notepad

Microsoft has announced the full rollout of spell-check and autocorrect features to all Windows 11 Notepad app users. These new functionalities are designed to enhance the user experience by improving text accuracy and ease of editing within the Notepad application.

The spell-check feature in Notepad functions similarly to that in Microsoft Word, underlining misspelled words in red. Users can select the correct spelling from suggestions or add the word to the software’s dictionary. This feature can be customized within Notepad’s settings, allowing users to disable spell-check for specific file types like .txt and .md, or turn it off completely.

Autocorrect in Notepad features a single toggle switch for activation or deactivation. When enabled, it automatically corrects common spelling errors as users type, streamlining the writing process.

These updates come nearly ten months after Microsoft announced its plans to retire WordPad, the word-processing software introduced in 1995. WordPad is set to be removed from Windows later this year, making these enhancements to Notepad timely and relevant for users seeking basic text-editing functionalities.

By integrating these features into Notepad, Microsoft aims to provide a more robust and user-friendly text editor for Windows 11, aligning with modern user expectations and improving overall productivity.