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Adobe Develops AI Video Generator, Seeks Footage From Artists

Adobe Develops AI Video Generator, Seeks Footage From Artists

Adobe is working on its own AI-powered video generator, aiming to compete with models like OpenAI’s Sora. The company behind popular creative software like Photoshop is asking artists within its network to submit video clips in exchange for payment, reportedly around $120. This equates to roughly $2.62 to $7.25 per minute of footage.

Adobe’s text-to-video model will allow users to generate videos based on provided text descriptions.  The company plans to reveal more about the project later in 2023.

The move raises concerns among artists. Low payment rates and the practice of using creative work to train AI models without credit or ongoing royalties are major points of contention. Additionally, artists fear AI may lead to fewer traditional work opportunities.

Adobe is seeking videos depicting emotions, physical activities, and human anatomy interactions. While the initial request is only for 100 clips, AI models typically require substantial training data for optimal results.  Adobe plans to filter out copyrighted and offensive material.

Adobe’s development of video-generating AI highlights the rapid integration of this technology within the creative industry.