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Windows 12 Rumors: What to Expect from Microsoft’s Next OS

Windows 12 Rumors: What to Expect from Microsoft's Next OS

While Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed Windows 12, the rumor mill is abuzz with speculation about the potential next chapter in the Windows legacy.  One of the most pervasive themes is the integration of artificial intelligence. Reports suggest Windows 12 could  incorporate powerful AI features that would enable tasks like finding documents using natural language  or getting AI-powered help within various parts of the system.

The visual appearance of Windows 12 could also receive attention. While it’s uncertain whether this would mean a significant redesign, users may see updates and refinements to the current Windows 11 look and feel. Some even speculate the UI may borrow elements from Apple’s macOS.

Android users might be pleased to hear rumors of improved app support. Windows 12 could seamlessly integrate Android apps even further, giving a smoother experience.  Sustainability also may get a spotlight, with rumored energy-saving  features like the system optimizing your device’s charging based on renewable energy availability.

While there’s no confirmed release date, most insiders suggest 2024 as the likely  year of arrival. It’s worth noting that ongoing Windows 11 updates  could include features rumored for Windows 12 through Microsoft’s “Moments” strategy.