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Microsoft Boosts Productivity & Accessibility with Copilot

Microsoft Boosts Productivity & Accessibility with Copilot

Microsoft is rolling out exciting enhancements to its Copilot AI assistant, Windows 365, and Windows experience, focusing on streamlined work and inclusivity.

Copilot, already present in Windows 11, now deeply integrates with Microsoft 365. A new “Work” mode allows the AI to tap into emails, meetings, documents, and more, intelligently assisting across the suite.

Microsoft is also making Windows 11 significantly more accessible.  An upcoming preview adds voice control to Copilot for essential features like Narrator, Screen Magnifier, and Live Captions. Voice shortcuts will also handle tasks like opening apps and managing multiple displays.

Windows 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based PC service, gains a power boost with Nvidia and AMD GPU options. This benefits professionals  relying on graphics-intensive work, offering varying levels of VRAM for tasks like design and data analysis.

Finally, the Microsoft Windows app, centralizing access to cloud desktop services, is now officially available in the Microsoft Store, on the web, and in preview for Apple devices.  Its success in testing points to strong potential for streamlining cloud-powered computing.

Microsoft’s updates show a commitment to making software more intelligent, accessible, and integrated –  benefits for individuals and businesses looking to work smarter.