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AT&T Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Over Massive Data Leak

AT&T Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Over Massive Data Leak

A class-action lawsuit has been launched against AT&T following the circulation of personal data belonging to 73 million customers. The suit alleges AT&T ignored the potential breach for years, putting customers at risk.

The lawsuit stems from data initially leaked in 2021, apparently from AT&T, including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and more. Despite AT&T’s initial denials, the data resurfaced recently, prompting the carrier to reset millions of customer passcodes.

The lawsuit claims AT&T’s slow response exacerbated the issue, allowing sensitive customer data to remain vulnerable for years. The suit also accuses AT&T of failing to properly investigate the 2021 leak or notify customers of the potential breach.

AT&T has not commented on the lawsuit. The company maintains that the origin of the leaked data has not been determined, and they have no evidence of unauthorized access to their systems.

The class-action lawsuit, filed in Texas, seeks damages and lifetime credit monitoring for affected customers. The outcome of this legal battle could have significant ramifications for AT&T and highlight the critical importance of data security for major corporations.