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Roblox Developer Conference Data Breach

Roblox Developer Conference Data Breach

Roblox has confirmed a data breach involving personal information of a subset of its creator community through a third-party vendor, FNTech. FNTech, a California-based events company, coordinates Roblox’s annual conference, where the breach occurred.

The breach involved unauthorized access to names, email addresses, and IP addresses from a registration list for the Roblox Developer Conference between 2022 and 2024. Affected individuals have been notified via email.

According to data breach tracking site Have I Been Pwned (HIBP), over 10,300 conference registrants’ data were leaked. Roblox, however, disputes this number, stating it does not exceed 10,000. The company reassured that its own systems were not compromised.

This is not the first breach for Roblox. In 2020, nearly 4,000 attendees’ information, including birth dates, physical addresses, and even T-shirt sizes, was exposed. The latest breach is unrelated to the 2020 incident.

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