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Russia Eyes Homegrown Gaming Consoles Amid Sanctions

Russia Eyes Homegrown Gaming Consoles Amid Sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin is pushing to create a domestic video game industry. During a recent meeting, he ordered his government to explore the production of Russian-made consoles – both portable and stationary.  This ambition comes as major console makers like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have ceased sales in the country due to the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

The Kremlin’s goal is to address dependence on foreign gaming products amidst Western sanctions. Putin has tasked the government with researching the feasibility of this plan by June 15th.

Industry experts are skeptical about Russia’s ability to independently produce consoles on par with established players. Challenges include sourcing advanced chips, which the US has blocked, and building a robust ecosystem of game developers.

A more realistic scenario, according to analysts,  is for Russia to potentially import hardware from China and focus on building a portable system similar to the Steam Deck.