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Microsoft Set to Launch Exclusive Mobile Gaming Store in July

Microsoft Set to Launch Exclusive Mobile Gaming Store in July

Microsoft is set to launch its own mobile gaming store in July, positioning itself as a competitor to Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Initially, the store will feature exclusively Microsoft-owned games including Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Minecraft Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Diablo Immortal, with plans to expand to third-party games shortly after launch.

Xbox President Sarah Bond revealed the news at Bloomberg’s tech conference, explaining that the motivation behind acquiring Activision Blizzard—owner of mobile game studio King—was to strengthen Microsoft’s entry into the mobile gaming sector. Bond highlighted the lack of a cross-device, player-centered gaming platform in current mobile stores.

The store will debut on the web, making it accessible across all devices and countries, circumventing the limitations imposed by established app ecosystems. This strategy aligns with Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer’s previous statements about the mobile store being a crucial component of their strategy.

Despite recent closures of four Microsoft game studios, Bond remains optimistic about the company’s focus on mobile gaming, especially in light of the economic challenges and increasing costs associated with producing high-quality games. The broader gaming industry, according to Bond, is experiencing a period of stagnation and transition. In contrast, companies like Capcom are achieving significant success, underscoring the diverse fortunes within the gaming sector.