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WhatsApp Suffers Global Outage

WhatsApp Suffers Global Outage

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app owned by Meta, is experiencing a widespread outage that’s preventing users worldwide from sending and receiving messages. Reports of the disruption began surfacing around 10:59 am PST, with many users seeing a clock icon appear instead of the usual delivery confirmation on their messages.

The outage appears to be international in scope, with internet monitoring groups indicating problems with sending images and other media. WhatsApp’s huge user base, exceeding 2 billion, means the impact is likely affecting a significant portion of the world’s population.

Meta has acknowledged the issue on the WhatsApp Business API status page, stating they are investigating the cause. Early signs suggest the problem might be resolving, with a decreasing number of complaints and some users reporting messages are now going through, albeit with a delay.

The official WhatsApp Twitter account has also addressed the outage, saying: “We know some people are experiencing issues right now, we’re working on getting things back to 100% for everyone as quickly as possible.”