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Solar Eclipse

Protect Your Phone: NASA’s Warning on Solar Eclipse Photography

Protect Your Phone NASAs Warning on Solar Eclipse Photography

If you’re planning to capture the upcoming solar eclipse with your smartphone, NASA has a crucial warning: don’t point your phone’s camera directly at the sun without protection.  The intense sunlight can permanently damage your phone’s camera sensor, just like it can harm your eyes.

The risk is even greater if you use magnifying lenses.  NASA emphasizes that proper solar filters are essential for any camera, including smartphones.

How to Take Safe Eclipse Photos with Your Phone

Luckily, you can still capture the eclipse with your phone. NASA recommends holding eclipse glasses over your phone’s camera lens for any photos outside of totality (the brief period when the sun is completely covered).

For the best results, NASA has a helpful guide and video on its website . They also suggest these tips:

  • Use a tripod: This keeps your phone steady for clear images
  • Delayed shutter release: Avoid camera shake when taking your photo

By following these guidelines, you can safely capture the beauty of the solar eclipse while protecting your phone.