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FBI Warns of Remote Work Scam Texts Targeting Job Seekers

FBI Warns of Remote Work Scam Texts Targeting Job Seekers

The FBI has issued a warning about a rising scam targeting remote job seekers. Scammers are sending unsolicited texts and calls, offering fake jobs that defraud consumers.

These scams promise easy remote work, such as rating restaurants or clicking a button to “optimize” a service. The scammers pose as legitimate businesses, like staffing agencies, but with a twist—they require users to make cryptocurrency payments to unlock more tasks. These payments go directly to the scammers, with no reimbursement to the victims. A fake interface shows victims they are earning money, but none of it can be cashed out.

PCMag experienced one such scam message from a Vietnam-based number. The message falsely claimed, “We’ve noticed that your background and resume have been recommended by several online recruitment agencies, so we’d like to offer you a part-time job that you can do in your free time.” The job promised daily pay ranging from $300 to $600, which totals over $10,000 per month—an immediate red flag. Additionally, the message asked for a response via WhatsApp instead of an official contact method and did not request a resume or references.

The FBI advises the public to be cautious of unsolicited job offers, avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments, and never send sensitive information to these contacts.