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Vodafone Portugal Services Are Down after A Cyberattack

Vodafone Portugal

One of the nation’s largest telecommunications companies, Vodafone Portugal, has suffered a malicious attack, resulting in widespread service disruptions throughout the country for 4G and 5G internet networks, SMS messages, and television services.

The attack occurred late Monday night, as per reports, and the company called it a “deliberate and malicious attack intended to cause damage and disruption.” 

They stated that “there is no evidence that customer data has been accessed or compromised.”

The attack impacted millions of consumers, companies, and public agencies, causing communication issues throughout the outages. According to reports, only the 3G network is operational.

While Vodafone has not released any information about the incident, researchers believe it was a Ransomware attack.

The company said that they were “determined to restore the normality of services” and that mobile use was gradually recovering.