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LastPass Chrome Extension Glitch Causes 12-Hour Service Outage

LastPass Chrome Extension Glitch Causes 12-Hour Service Outage

LastPass experienced a significant 12-hour outage last Thursday, attributed to a faulty update to its Chrome extension.

The outage began around 1 p.m. ET, leaving users unable to access their password vaults or log into their accounts, often encountering a “404 Not Found” error. The company reported that an update to the Chrome extension inadvertently caused load issues on its backend infrastructure.

On Friday, LastPass announced that normal performance levels had resumed and the service was “stable and fully operational.” However, users continued to report problems, indicating that the issue might not have been entirely resolved despite LastPass’s assurances. The company has stated that it will actively monitor the service over the weekend to ensure stability before marking the incident as resolved.

This outage highlights the critical importance of robust testing for updates, especially for services that manage sensitive user information like passwords. LastPass’s swift response and transparency about the incident will be crucial in maintaining user trust as they work to prevent similar issues in the future. As of now, the service appears to be functioning normally.