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Neuralink Brain Chip Powers Mario Kart Play

Neuralink Brain Chip Powers Mario Kart Play

Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brain-computer interface company, has made remarkable progress with its technology. The company’s first human patient, Nolan Arbaugh, is a quadriplegic who has been successfully using the brain chip to control a laptop. Notably, Arbaugh has demonstrated the implant’s capabilities by playing Mario Kart with his mind.

The implant reads Arbaugh’s neural activity, translating brain signals associated with motor control into Bluetooth commands. This allows him to interface with electronic devices without physical movement.

Prior to the Neuralink implant, Arbaugh’s gaming was severely limited. Now, he can seamlessly play games like Mario Kart and Civilization VI, activities he hasn’t enjoyed since a diving accident left him paralyzed eight years ago.

Neuralink’s technology is transformative for individuals with paralysis.  Arbaugh expressed his gratitude to the company, stating, “What you all are doing is just going to change the world…It’s going to change how people like me just live their lives.”