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New Safety Measures for Teen Users on Instagram and Facebook

New Safety Measures for Teen Users on Instagram and Facebook

In a significant step towards enhancing online safety for younger users, Instagram and Facebook have recently rolled out new features aimed at protecting teenagers from unwanted interactions. These updates represent a proactive response to concerns about the safety of young users on social media platforms.

Instagram’s Enhanced Protections for Teenagers

Instagram has introduced a default setting that significantly increases the privacy of teenage users. Under this new policy, teens will no longer receive direct messages from individuals they don’t follow. This change is designed to shield them from potentially harmful or unsolicited contact from unknown users.

Moreover, the platform is implementing stricter controls around account settings for teens. From now on, any teenager wishing to change certain privacy settings on their Instagram account will require approval from a parent or guardian. This added layer of oversight ensures that young users have a safer and more controlled experience on the platform.

Facebook Messenger’s Updated Safety Measures

On Facebook Messenger, the focus is on tightening message reception for younger users. Users who are under the age of 16, and in some regions under 18, will now only be able to receive messages from individuals they have added as friends on Facebook or contacts in their phone. This restriction is a significant move to prevent unwanted contact from strangers, further safeguarding young users’ experiences.

Restrictions on Adult-to-Teen Messaging

An important aspect of these updates is the restriction placed on adults attempting to message teenagers. Adults over the age of 19 will be barred from sending messages to teenagers who do not follow them back. This measure is a direct approach to reducing the likelihood of inappropriate interactions between adults and minors on these platforms.


These changes by Instagram and Facebook represent a comprehensive effort to address the growing concerns around the safety of younger users on social media. By limiting unwanted communications and increasing parental oversight, these platforms are taking significant steps to create a safer online environment for teenagers. As social media continues to evolve, such measures are crucial in ensuring a secure and positive experience for all users, especially the younger demographic.