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Astranis Unveils Next-Gen Satellite – A Powerful Starlink Challenger

Astranis Unveils Next-Gen Satellite – A Powerful Starlink Challenger

Astranis, a rising competitor to SpaceX’s Starlink, has revealed a next-generation satellite called Omega. This new satellite has a staggering 5x increase in internet capacity compared to their current models, boasting the ability to beam over 50Gbps to Earth.

Omega is geared towards higher geostationary orbits, approximately 22,000 miles above Earth.  Astranis designed new software-defined radios and custom semiconductors to achieve this impressive performance boost, all while maintaining a relatively compact satellite size.

The company promises Omega will provide customers (ISPs, enterprises, and governments) with a low-cost, competitive alternative to Starlink. They also tout unmatched flexibility and the ability to shift internet capacity dynamically to meet high-demand areas.

Astranis’ current satellites already provide internet access to Alaska with speeds of around 25Mbps. While slower than Starlink’s 200+Mbps offerings, this next generation promises significant improvement.

While Omega’s launch is slated for 2026, its arrival signals a potential shift in the satellite internet market.

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