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AI-Generated Answers are Coming to Google Search

AI-Generated Answers are Coming to Google Search

Google is expanding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in search results. Previously, AI-generated responses were limited to users who joined the Search Generative Experience program. Now, they’ll start appearing for a small percentage of US searches, even without opting in.

If your search query is selected, you’ll see an AI-generated answer in a green box above standard search results. It will be marked “Generative AI is experimental.”

Google aims to use AI in cases where it can provide better answers. This includes complex questions or situations where diverse perspectives are helpful.

This rollout is a test to see how users react to AI-generated content. Google is actively seeking wider feedback on the feature.

Key Points:

  • AI will become more prevalent in Google Search.
  • Responses will be clearly labeled as AI-generated.
  • Google is focusing on how AI can best improve the search experience.
  • The company wants public feedback on the AI-generated answers.