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Roblox Unveils AI Tools to Simplify Game Avatar Creation

Roblox Unveils AI Tools to Simplify Game Avatar Creation

Roblox is empowering its massive creator community with new AI-powered tools aimed at streamlining the development process. The two key additions are a generative AI texture tool and an avatar creation system, both built into the Roblox Studio software.

The texture tool excels at simplicity. Users describe the texture they want, and the AI generates and applies it to in-game objects within seconds. This opens the door to rapid customization of everything from outfits to environmental elements.

Roblox’s Avatar Auto Setup tackles the more complex task of character generation. While it takes longer than the texture tool, it’s still a massive time-saver compared to traditional design methods. This AI system allows for detailed customization of avatars.

“We see AI as a way to make game creation accessible to everyone,” says Roblox’s Stefano Corazza.

These tools are now in global public beta, meaning any Roblox Studio user can try them without technical expertise or extra fees. Early feedback is mixed, with some creators praising the increased productivity while others raise concerns about the stylistic limitations of AI-generated content.