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Neuralink Targets Blindness with New Implant

Neuralink Targets Blindness with New Implant

Elon Musk has revealed Neuralink’s next ambitious goal: a brain implant designed to cure blindness. Codenamed “Blindsight,” the implant is claimed to be functional in monkeys, initially offering low-resolution vision akin to vintage video games. Musk asserts the technology could ultimately exceed normal human eyesight.

This announcement comes on the heels of Neuralink’s successful demonstration of their first brain implant. Implanted in a quadriplegic man, this device allows him to control a computer cursor solely with his thoughts, enabling activities like playing computer games.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done, but it has already changed my life,” said implant recipient Nolan Arbaugh.

Addressing past concerns, Musk emphasized that no monkeys have been harmed during Neuralink’s experiments.

While Neuralink’s timeline can be overly optimistic, their advancements in the field of brain-computer interfaces are undeniable. However, significant ethical and regulatory hurdles remain before these potentially life-changing technologies can reach widespread human use.