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FBI Uncovers Over 7,000 Lockbit Ransomware Decryption Keys

FBI Uncovers Over 7,000 Lockbit Ransomware Decryption Keys

The FBI’s extensive investigation into the notorious Lockbit ransomware group has led to significant breakthroughs, including the recovery of over 7,000 decryption keys, aiding victims in regaining access to their data. The agency urges anyone affected by Lockbit to reach out for assistance.

Contrary to Lockbit’s claims of deleting data after ransom payments, the FBI discovered the group retained victim data. This revelation came during a keynote address by FBI Cyber Assistant Director Bryan Vorndran in Boston.

Earlier in the year, an international operation involving the FBI and the UK’s National Crime Agency resulted in the seizure of Lockbit’s website and charges against two Russian nationals, with over 1,000 decryption keys initially recovered. Despite Lockbit’s assertions that authorities accessed only a fraction of their keys, recent developments have proven otherwise.

In March, Lockbit hinted at continued operations, but by May, authorities revived their site to expose Dimitry Khoroshev, a Russian national, as the alleged administrator. Khoroshev, now facing 26 charges and potential extradition, is the sixth individual charged in connection with Lockbit.

“We will not go easy on him,” Vorndran emphasized, highlighting the severity of the charges that could lead to a 185-year prison sentence.