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AMD Investigates Potential Data Breach by Hacking Group

AMD Investigates Potential Data Breach by Hacking Group

AMD is currently investigating a potential data breach after a hacking group known as “IntelBroker” claimed to have stolen the company’s databases. The chipmaker announced on Tuesday that they are collaborating with law enforcement and a third-party partner to assess the validity and extent of the alleged data theft.

IntelBroker, a notorious cybercriminal group, claimed on a hacking forum that they accessed AMD’s data this month. The stolen data reportedly includes sensitive information such as details on future AMD products, spec sheets, financial data, and even source code and firmware. They also claim to possess employee and customer information, although specifics on customer data have not been disclosed.

To support their claim, IntelBroker released screenshots showing what appear to be internal AMD files, including corporate email addresses and internal phone numbers. However, the employee data seems outdated, with the shown information marked as “inactive.”

IntelBroker is looking to sell the stolen data for cryptocurrency Monero. They have a history of high-profile data sales, including breaches at Home Depot and various government agencies. AMD’s investigation continues as they determine the severity of the potential breach.