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Google Settles Incognito Mode Privacy Lawsuit

Google Settles Incognito Mode Privacy Lawsuit

Google has reached a settlement in a class-action lawsuit concerning its Chrome Incognito Mode. The lawsuit, initiated in 2020 by individuals from Florida and California, alleged that Google continued to track and collect users’ browsing data in Incognito Mode, a claim that raised concerns about privacy violations.

The plaintiffs argued that Google infringed on wiretapping laws by allowing websites using Google Analytics and Google Ad Manager to gather information from browsers in Incognito Mode. This included device data, IP addresses, and web page content. They further claimed that Google linked this incognito browsing data with users’ existing profiles.

Google’s defense centered on the incognito mode warning, which informs users that their activity might still be visible to websites. However, a judge in August dismissed Google’s request for a summary judgment, noting that users were not explicitly informed about the continuation of data collection in Incognito Mode.

Details of the settlement, which will lead to the lawsuit’s dismissal, remain undisclosed. Initially, the plaintiffs sought $5 billion. This development highlights ongoing concerns and legal challenges regarding user privacy and data collection practices in the tech industry.