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Bots Snatch Thousands of Apple Vision Pro Pre-Orders

Bots Snatch Thousands of Apple Vision Pro Pre-Orders

In a sophisticated bypass of Apple’s online security measures, automated bots, operated by resellers, have successfully preordered thousands of Apple’s new Vision Pro headsets. Kasada, a cybersecurity firm, revealed that these bots placed orders in bulk, including a single instance of 1,592 preorders, during the initial sale on January 19.

These scalpers, anticipating high consumer demand, have listed the $3,499 product on eBay for exorbitant prices ranging from $5,000 to $10,000. Kasada’s report highlights a significant loophole: Apple’s 14-day return policy, which scalpers plan to exploit if they fail to resell at high profits.

Despite Apple’s precaution of requiring Face ID for preorders to ensure a personalized fit, scalpers ingeniously programmed their bots to bypass this security step. Some even used multiple Apple accounts to increase their purchase quantity.

The situation poses a challenge for genuine consumers, with preorder shipment times extending to six to seven weeks. However, actual sales on eBay remain low, with only 20 units sold so far. Scalpers are now looking to international markets for profit, as the Vision Pro is exclusively available in the US. This development underscores the escalating battle between retailers and automated buying technologies in high-demand product launches.