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New macOS Malware Raises Alarm: Ransomware Groups May Be Targeting Macs

New macOS Malware Raises Alarm Ransomware Groups May Be Targeting Macs

Security experts have uncovered a dangerous new malware targeting macOS users. Disguised as an update for Microsoft’s Visual Studio software, the malware establishes a backdoor for hackers. This allows them to take control of infected Macs, steal files, and potentially deploy ransomware.

The malware, written in the Rust programming language for added stealth, has likely been active since late 2023.  Worryingly, it communicates with servers previously used by the notorious BlackCat and BlackBasta ransomware groups, hinting at a possible shift by these attackers towards macOS.

While a definitive link to these groups remains unconfirmed, this discovery highlights that Mac users are no longer immune to sophisticated cyber threats.  It’s a stark reminder of the importance of following cybersecurity best practices:

  • Download software only from official sources. Avoid third-party sites and pirated software.
  • Exercise caution with unknown links or attachments. Be wary of anything suspicious-looking.
  • Keep your macOS and security software up to date. These updates often contain critical security patches.

Stay vigilant and protect your Mac against this growing threat.