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Apple Revokes Epic’s Developer Access, Casting Doubt on EU Plans

Apple Revokes Epics Developer Access, Casting Doubt on EU Plans

Epic Games’ hopes of returning Fortnite and its Epic Games Store to iOS devices have hit another major roadblock. Apple has revoked the developer account of Epic Games Sweden AB, a decision with serious implications for the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA).

The DMA mandates Apple allow third-party app stores within the EU. Following years of legal confrontation, Apple surprisingly approved Epic’s account last month. However, this reversal casts doubt on their commitment to true competition.

Apple alleges their decision stems from Epic’s vocal criticism of Apple’s policies and business model, with CEO Tim Sweeney’s social media posts cited as evidence of untrustworthiness. Epic believes they have a legal right to distribute their store under the DMA, calling the ban unjustified.  They point to a history of compliant apps developed by Epic subsidiaries.

This latest clash underscores the ongoing tension between Epic Games and Apple, and raises questions about the effective implementation of the DMA’s goal of increased competition within the iOS ecosystem.