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How Tech Companies Are Addressing the Water Crisis

How Tech Companies Are Addressing the Water Crisis

How Tech Companies Are Addressing the Water Crisis

The world’s biggest tech companies are facing a growing water problem. Their data centers, which are essential for running our online lives, consume vast amounts of water to cool their servers. In fact, the water footprint of the global data center industry is estimated to be over 100 billion gallons per year.

This water usage is putting a strain on already-stressed water resources in many parts of the world. For example, Google’s data centers in the southwestern United States are using so much water that they are contributing to the region’s ongoing drought.

Big tech companies have a responsibility to address their water problem. They can do this by using more efficient cooling systems, recycling water, and locating their data centers in areas with abundant water resources. Ultimately, the tech industry needs to find ways to use less data overall.

Here are some specific examples of how big tech companies are addressing their water problem:

  • Google is using a new cooling system in its data centers that uses recycled water and eliminates the need for evaporation.
  • Microsoft is using waterless cooling in some of its data centers.
  • Facebook is using a combination of cooling systems, including evaporative cooling, to reduce its water usage.

These are just a few examples of the steps that big tech companies are taking to address their water problem. By taking these steps, they can help to conserve this precious resource and ensure that our online lives are sustainable for the long term.