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From Foldable Phones to AI-Powered Workspaces: Highlights from Google I/O 2023

From Foldable Phones to AI Powered Workspaces Highlights from Google I/O 2023

From Foldable Phones to AI Powered Workspaces Highlights from Google I/O 2023

Google I/O 2023 showcased upcoming products and services, featuring AI technology and new Pixel hardware. We’ve rounded up the major announcements from the developer conference for you.

Pixel Fold was unveiled

The Pixel Fold was unveiled, confirming earlier leaks and rumors. The foldable smartphone has a traditional form factor with a 5.8-inch cover screen and a 7.6-inch main screen, both 120 Hz OLED panels. It features the Tensor G2 system-on-a-chip, 12 GB of memory, and a 4,821 mAh battery. The price is steep at $1,800, but Google Store deals include a free Pixel Watch.

Pixel Fold

The Pixel Tablet is Here

It was unveiled at Google I/O 2022 and was finally released after a year-long wait. It’s available for pre-order at $499 and comes with a color-matched charging speaker dock, in Hazel, Porcelain, and Rose colors. The Pixel Tablet will compete with other Android tablets like the OnePlus Pad, but it’s also equipped with Google Home features, making it a potential smart home controller.

pixel tablet

The birth of a new Google user experience

Google showcased how AI can improve its services like Google Search and Google Workspace. The company also announced PaLM 2, a language model that will replace LaMDA in the conversational chatbot, Bard. PaLM 2 aims to specialize in certain fields like cybersecurity and medicine and Google announced over 25 products at I/O 2023 with PaLM 2.

Bard is now available in over 180 Countries

Google has made Bard available in over 180 countries, dropping the waitlist for the conversational chatbot. The update also includes new features like Dark Mode, better coding abilities, and the ability to export generated code to Replit. Additionally, Bard now supports more languages.

The Power of AI in Google Workspace

Google Workspace now includes AI-powered Gmail, Google Docs, and Sheets features. With generative AI, users can receive assistance in creating content or organizing documents with just a few prompts. During the event, Google demonstrated how it could generate a detailed email or create a spreadsheet in response to a prompt. These features are available on the Google Labs waitlist.

Big update on how Google Search work

The company also showcased an experimental version of its search engine called “Google Search Labs.” This version features a generative AI panel located above the usual results page, which can provide information in plain language to simplify the search experience. Additionally, the panel shows the sources used to gather the information, allowing users to fact-check or do further research on the topic. Google Search Labs will be rolled out in the coming weeks, and interested users can join the waitlist today.

Overall, Google I/O 2023 showcased the potential of AI to improve user experiences and simplify everyday tasks.