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Chrome For Android Now Allows Users To Lock Incognito Tabs

Chrome Now Allows users to lock Incognito Tabs on Android

Chrome Now Allows users to lock Incognito Tabs on Android

Google is deploying changes for the Chrome Android browser that will automatically lock incognito tabs when users quit the app.

Concerned about leaving incognito tabs running on your Android phone? Google has added an auto-lock feature for Incognito tabs when the Chrome app is exited, which protects your embarrassing or private searches.

If incognito tabs are open in your Chrome app, users must unlock them using biometric methods such as facial recognition, fingerprints, or a password to open up the Chrome app browser.

The feature is already present on the iOS chrome version and is now available to Android users. If you want this feature to be enabled in your Chrome app, click on Chrome Settings > Privacy & Security and switch on the Lock incognito tabs when you close the Chrome app.

This newest Google update includes a plethora of security enhancements. Take advantage of Chrome’s newest features by installing the latest update immediately.