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Google Reportedly Developing Its Own Airtag-like Location Tracker

Google Reportedly Developing Its Own Airtag-like Location Tracker

Google Reportedly Developing Its Own Airtag-like Location Tracker

According to reports, Google is developing a smart tracker to compete with Apple’s AirTag. Wojciechowski revealed in a tweet that the stated project is codenamed “Grogu.”

Developer Kuba Wojciechowski claims to have discovered references to Google’s work on location tracker support in Fast Pair Bluetooth-pairing technology.

In his Twitter post, the developer stated that Google’s Nest team is developing their own “Locator tag,” codenamed “Grogu.” The device will include Apple AirTag-like primary features that will allow people to conveniently locate personal things such as keys.

He also said that it might be available in several colors and include an integrated speaker like the Apple Airtag.

Wojciechowski claims that Google’s tracker will be compatible with both Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband (UWB). Radio-based UWB communication technology can provide more precise location capabilities, and Google has already included this technology in its most recent Pixel phones.

There is currently no information on when Google began developing its “Locator tag” or when it will be made accessible to the general public.