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Australia’s Medibank Hackers Leak More Customers’ Data


Hackers from Medibank, Australia’s largest health insurer, have leaked millions more pieces of stolen medical information from customers. The cyberattack exposed millions of medical records at the organization.

New dumps on the dark web include information about clients’ mental health and alcohol consumption. The disclosures occur after Medibank refuses to pay the ransom.

A blog post thought to have been used by hackers stated, “Happy Cyber Security Day!!! Added folder full. Case closed.” It also attached a file containing many compressed files totaling more than 5 gigabytes.

The Australian Federal Police has said that it was a Russian-Based hackers who hacked Medibank and compromised 10 million current and former customers. 

The breach took place On october 13, 2022. As per Medibank, the stolen data does not contain any financial information and simply contains personal information.

According to Medibank, the Office of the Australian Information Commission (OAIC), the country’s privacy authority, has also initiated an investigation into how the corporation manages personal information.