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Elon Musk Hires Hacker George Hotz to Fix Twitter Search within 12 Weeks

George Hotz Twitter Internship

To fix Twitter’s broken search feature, Elon Musk enlisted the help of well-known security hacker and first iPhone jailbreaker George Hotz.

Hotz is presently entrusted with resolving the Twitter search issue over the next 12 weeks. He revealed that he began his internship at Twitter on November 19. In his tweet, he stated:

George Hotz was the first to jailbreak an iPhone by removing the SIM lock function. He also reverse engineered the PlayStation 3 and launched the AI business, which specializes in vehicle automation using machine learning methods.

According to The Verge, Hotz got his internship at Twitter by expressing support for Elon Musk’s request that its employees go extremely hardcore.

Let’s see if Hotz can fix the ongoing Twitter search issue, as this may be by far the most difficult task he was given.