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Australia’s Medibank Hacker Warns To Leak Data In 24 Hours

Medibank Hacked

Medibank Private LTD in Australia revealed that their customers’ data has been hacked. The company decided not to pay a ransom for the stolen data. As a result, the hacker threatened to release stolen client data within 24 hours.

“Based on the extensive advice we have received from cybercrime experts we believe there is only a limited chance paying a ransom would ensure the return of our customers’ data and prevent it from being published,” Medibank CEO David Koczkar said.

Last Monday, it was revealed that the data of around 9.7 million current and past customers, including their names, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, and emails, had been stolen.

He also added on an email that: 

“We knew the publication of data online by the criminal could be a possibility, but the criminal’s threat is still a distressing development for our customers,”

Medibank, Australia’s largest health insurance company, warned its clients that hackers might expose personal data online at any time and that they could be contacted directly by the criminal to extort money.