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Steam Enters Beta Testing on Chromebook

Steam Beta on Chromebook

Steam, a video game digital distribution platform, enters beta on Chromebooks as part of the Google Chromebook OS 108. However, it only works with Chromebooks that have AMD Ryzen 3 Series processors or 12th-generation Intel CPUs, with 8GB of RAM or higher.

Google’s Chromium blog states that they would utilize Valve’s Proton layer to make more Windows games available under Chrome OS. “Chrome OS will typically run the Linux version of a game if it exists.”

Chromebook users who want to install Steam may do it by following the instructions in their blog article on how to properly run the games. They have also listed the games that are currently supported.

For the time being, only 20 models are supported for using Steam on Chromebook devices:

“Because many games have high performance demands, we’ve focused our efforts thus far on a set of devices where more games can run well. Currently, Steam can be enabled in the beta channel on configurations of these Chromebooks with Core i3/Ryzen 3 or higher CPUs and at least 8GB of RAM”

It is expected that as the process progresses, more titles and models will be supported for running Steam games on Chromebook devices.