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Elon Musk Says Verified Blue Check Mark Will Charge $8 Monthly

Twitter Subs

Musk said on Tuesday that Twitter’s Verified badge/blue check mark will now cost $8 per month. He previously stated that he wants to increase subscriptions and reduce the social media network’s reliance on advertisements.

Musk revealed the probable price for the blue check mark in a tweet on Tuesday, saying it will vary by country:

The blue check mark is given to confirmed or official accounts whose owner has been verified by Twitter.

Musk added in the tweet what additional benefits consumers will receive for paying the subscriptions:

He also added that subscribers will get a paywall bypass from “publishers willing to work with us.”

According to a recent poll, 80% of users are unwilling to pay for subscriptions, while others are willing to spend $5 each month.

Elon Musk closed the deal only last week and immediately began revamping Twitter.