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USB 4.0 Version 2.0 Can Raises Top Speed Up To 120 Gbps From 80 Gbps 

Usb 4.0 Version 2.0 upto 120Gbps

The new USB 4.0 version can now support data transfer speeds of up to 120Gbps, an increase from the previous rate of 80Gbps. It is possible to accomplish this by reconfiguring three of four data lanes to transmit data in one direction while leaving the fourth lane to send data in the other direction.

The non-profit industry USB Implementers Forum, which controls the interface, announced new specifications for USB 4.0 Version 2.0 on Tuesday. The first internet speed of 80Gbps was announced last September.

As previously stated, the new USB 4.0 doubles data transmission speed from 40Gbps to 80Gbps. However, newly discovered methods may allow manufacturers to improve the data transfer rate even quicker, but only in one direction at the expense of the other.

USB Implementers Forum stated that: 

“Optionally for certain applications, such as driving very-high performance USB4-based displays, the USB Type-C signal interface can be configured asymmetrically to deliver up to 120Gbps in one direction while retaining 40Gbps in the other direction,”

The Group has also shown how the branded logos might appear, as shown above. Check the PDF file for the full article.