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Google Files Lawsuit Against Russian Government After $127 Million Fine

Google Files Lawsuits against Russia

It’s been a difficult year for Google in Russia, as the company was fined and forced into bankruptcy. But Google is now fighting back with a lawsuit aimed at recovering its money from the Russian government.

The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine has impacted several companies, including Google. Google was fined $370 million for spreading “false” information about the conflict, and their bank account was seized, forcing them to declare bankruptcy.

As per Reuters, Google has launched a lawsuit against the Russian government in an attempt to reclaim its money. On October 4, this year, a court document revealed that the Moscow Arbitration Court had accepted a Sept. 30 application from Google LLC and will evaluate the issue.

The defendants in the case were the Moscow department of Russia’s Federal Bailiffs Service and one of its senior officials, according to the court.

It appears that Google is fighting back against the Russian government; however, it is likely that the Moscow Arbitration Court will not rule in Google’s favor because a similar case occurred last August, which resulted in the court rejecting Goggles’ demand to recover a 1 billion Rouble fine from Tsargrad Case.