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Elon Musk Ditches Court Battle and Decides to Continue to Buy Twitter

Elon Musk will continue to aquire twitter

Elon Musk is “cool” with the initial agreement and would continue to acquire Twitter with the same offer after attempting to bail out of the deal, which resulted in involving lawmakers.

According to an SEC filing, Musk’s attorneys wrote to Twitter on Monday about abandoning the court hearings and proceeding with the acquisition.

Twitter, as usual, is eager to close the deal and tweet:

The epic battle between the two sides has concluded. Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is coming to an end, and a new owner will be announced soon.

Under the deal, Musk must provide $21 billion in equity financing, with the remaining $26 billion coming from bank loans.

It is surprising that Musk has not yet commented on the latest news regarding the agreement. This might be an indication that he is ready to become the next owner of Twitter.