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Wing Food Delivery Drone Lands on Power lines and Causes Power Outage

Wing's Drone

Alphabet Wing’s food delivery drone catches fire after landing on power lines, leaving nearly 2000 people without electricity for several hours.

In an article by The Age, the drone was attempting to deliver food in Brisbane, Australia when something went wrong. The Wing Spokeswoman said that the drone made a “precautionary controlled landing” and “came to rest on an overhead powerline”.

She added: 

“We immediately reported this to Energex, who attended the location,” and “Two hours later, during the retrieval process, there was a power outage in the area.”

Following the report, Energex sent a crew to recover and remove the drone from the power lines, however, this resulted in a power outage that affected over 2000 people.

Energex spokesman Danny Donald said:

“It landed on top of 11,000 volts and whilst it didn’t take out power, there was voltage tracking across the drone and the drone caught fire and fell to the ground,” 

Wing apologized for the inconvenience and stated that they are conducting an investigation to see what caused the problem.