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Hacker Exploits Apple News to Send Obscene Push Notifications

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On Tuesday night, an attacker gained access to the online system of business magazine Fast Company and sent racist and obscene messages to many Apple News users.

The hackers took advantage of the push alert function on Fast Company’s Apple news account, sending out obscene messages that included racial and sexual language. “Thrax was here,” the hacker’s code name was also displayed.

Apple announced on Twitter that Fast Company was hacked and that the Magazine’s channel on Apple News was instantly disabled.

Fast Company confirmed the said breached and said:

“As a result, two obscene and racist push notifications were sent to our followers in Apple News about a minute apart,” 

“The messages are vile and are not in line with the content and ethos of Fast Company. We are investigating the situation and have shut down until the situation has been resolved,”

The Fast Company website is currently down and displays a “404 Not Found” error message. The attacker also explained how they acquired access to the management system in an article posted on the Fast Company website. According to the post, Fast Company uses WordPress to host its content. The WordPress accounts, on the other hand, were protected by the default password “pizza123.”