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Is Using A Free VPN Safe?

Free VPN- Unseen Online

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are widely used these days for a variety of purposes, including accessing blocked websites and safely browsing the web. You may need a VPN for a variety of reasons. For example, you may want to visit a website that is inaccessible on your network for some reason. You may have already done some research but only found VPN services that charge a monthly membership fee.

For some users, a free VPN service is enough. There are usually some caveats or limitations to these free services, but they may still suit your needs. You may have heard that Free VPN apps are not secure – perhaps they collect and sell your data, or are used by malicious actors to spy on you. In some cases this is true. You must ask yourself: How do these free apps benefit the developers? Always be mindful and do your research. The first thing you can do is check out the terms of service and privacy policy. This can be a bit tedious, as these policies are usually a long wall of text written in legal jargon(many times this is done on purpose to discourage people from reading these documents at all), but if you get through it you will have a better picture of the data being collected about you and what it is used for.

Another thing to look out for is a certification by a trusted third party. Unseen Online, for example, has been certified by the ioXt Alliance, one of the biggest internet security organizations.

After researching the app you will probably feel more comfortable deciding whether or not to use it. You should do this for any type of app, but with VPNs it is even more essential. At the end of the day it’s up to you to decide.

Unseen Online – Unlimited VPN

Unseen Online – Unlimited VPN is a completely free, ad-supported VPN service for Android and iOS devices with no tricks. Unseen Online – Unlimited VPN offers free VPN services with no registration needed, no bandwidth limitation and no setup or configuration – simply install the app and connect. Here are the features you can enjoy using the VPN: 

  • Change your country with one click – choose from multiple servers around the world
  • Access blocked sites
  • Browse securely with an encrypted connection
  • Hide your real IP address
  • Surf the Web Anonymously

How Do I Use Unseen Online – Unlimited VPN?

Simply download the app . After installation, tap to select the server that you would like to connect to, and that’s it! It’s as easy as that. Now you can enjoy a safer and more reliable internet browsing experience using our Free VPN.  

What information Does Our VPN app Collect?

As stated in our Privacy Policy (link), the only data collected in the app is by the ad libraries integrated into it, as well as anonymous crash reporting data. We will NEVER log your browsing history or online activity, not for our own use and not for sale to a 3rd party. The ad libraries that we use are the official Google and Facebook ad libraries and you can check their respective Privacy Policies. This data is collected strictly so we can show you ads and operate our service. If you wish to have an ad-free experience and even more privacy and security, consider using our premium service (to be launched in Q1 2022. Stay Tuned!!)