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Iran Blocks Starlink’s Website After Elon Musk Announces to Expand Access to the Country

Starlink in Iran

The Iranian government has blocked access to Starlink’s official website, after Elon Musk’s statement that the company will expand its internet support to the country.

London-based Iran International,  tweeted on Saturday that the Iranian government has formally blocked access to

Previously, the Iranian authorities had blocked access to various websites, including Instagram and WhatsApp. The country’s internet has also been severely disrupted.

Karim Sadjadpour also posted on Twitter:

“Biden administration officials are open to helping get Starlink terminals to Iran but there are two main challenges, financial and logistical. It will cost many millions of dollars to set up and sustain thousands of Starlink terminals to Iran. This challenge is surmountable.” 

If Starlink is successful in expanding its service to Iran, locals will be able to access the internet without censorship. However, establishing solid terminals across the country to get the service operational would remain a significant challenge for Starlink.

Iranians are thankful for the intention to extend the Starlink service, but many are concerned that they will be unable to purchase the required dish, which costs $599, which is expensive for locals.

Following the killing of 22-year-old Mahsa Amin, Iranians began a revolt against the government.