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Iran Bans Access To Instagram and WhatsApp, as Protests Grow

IRAN protest

Iran restricts access to Instagram and WhatsApp as the government tries to control growing protests in the aftermath of a woman’s death at the hands of Tehran local authorities.

In a Twitter post by NetBlocks, they said that Iran is now experiencing severe internet restrictions, with social media platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp being blocked in most areas of the country:

The protest was sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, who was arrested by Tehran morality police for “unsuitable attire.” The unrest has been centered in Iran’s Kurdish-populated northern areas, but it has extended to at least 50 cities and towns across the country.

The Iranian government has frequently limited internet access, making it impossible for protesters to post videos on social media in order to gain support and gather factual information about the magnitude of the unrest.

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