Intel Decided to Stop Using Pentium and Celeron CPU Branding

intel Pentium and celeron

After four decades of using the Pentium and Celeron branding, Intel has declared that it would no longer use it, instead naming its entry-level CPU simply “Intel Processor.”

Pentium was initially used in 1993, and other Pentium generations followed. The Celeron, on the other hand, was developed in 1998 with the primary purpose of running low-end PCs with less cache and slower clock rates.

Intel Pentium and celeron

Intel Vice President Josh Newman announced today the objective and reason for discontinuing use of the former branding:

“Whether for work or play, the importance of the PC has only become more apparent as the torrid pace of technological development continues to shape the world. Intel is committed to driving innovation to benefit users, and our entry-level processor families have been crucial for raising the PC standard across all price points. The new Intel Processor branding will simplify our offerings so users can focus on choosing the right processor for their needs.”

The old Pentium and Celeron brands are planned to be replaced by new laptops in 2023, and the company has decided to just simply call it an “Intel Processor” for their budget-level CPUs. Intel has also hinted that changes will take effect on their desktop branding as well and added that they are “simplifying the purchasing experience for customers.”

PC enthusiasts, or I would say most computer users, have great memories of the Pentium and Celeron CPUs, which were once widely used for entry-level work and personal use.