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South Korean Authorities Fined Google and Meta Over $70 Million for Privacy Violations

Google and Meta Fined by South Korea

South Korea fined Google and Meta nearly $70 million for violating the country’s privacy regulations. According to the Korean watchdog, the companies did not seek sufficient consent from users before collecting and using user data.

As per TheRegister, South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) fined both companies for violating user data privacy. Google was fined $50 million, while Meta was fined $22 million.

Korean authorities believe that Google and Meta did not properly obtain consent or inform users about how they gather and utilize behavioral data for marketing and advertising purposes.

According to PIPC, 82% of Korean Google users and 98% of Korean Meta users agree to the collecting of information which has a ” high possibility and risk of infringement of [user] rights.”

Both companies are no strangers to receiving fines for privacy violations.