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Apple Released A New Patch to Prevent the Latest Zero-Day Attack

Apple New Patch

Apple patched the fix for the previously unknown vulnerability CVE-2022-32917, which may potentially take over iOS and macOS devices, on Monday. According to the company, the stated vulnerability “may have been actively exploited.”

The company has only provided a limited amount of information regarding the vulnerability and acknowledged that it can damage the iOS and MacOS kernels (the core element of the operating system), allowing hackers to install malicious codes on the device and take control.

To prevent hackers from exploiting the aforementioned vulnerability, Apple released a new fix for iOS 15 and iOS 16. The update is intended to safeguard phones dating back to the iPhone 6s. Apple also released updates for macOS Monterey, macOS Big Sur, and iPad devices dating back to the fifth generation.

To install the latest patch on your iPhone, go to Settings> General> Software update, or if you enable auto update, it should update automatically and then you can install it.

Owners of MacOS may simply go to the Apple menu >System Preferences >Software Update. Users can also follow the instructions on Apple Support.