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Quake is playable on the Apple Watch

Quake on Apple Watch

Quake, a 1996 first-person shooter game developed by id Software, is now playable on the Apple Watch.

Tomas Vyzmazal is a programmer who manages to run Quake on the Apple Watch. Vyzmazal used a combination of Gyro and Touch control for input, then used the Quake software renderer to make it work; he also got the game sound to function.

Actual Game-play on Apple Watch

Vyzmazal’s ability to run the game at 60 frames per second is outstanding. It may not be simple to play, but the fact that it works on the smartwatch is incredible.

Unfortunately, because it is not accessible on the App Store, playing Quake on the Apple Watch is not available to everyone. However, if you are patient and enjoy experimenting, you may develop it yourself by using a Mac computer and Xcode. Vyzmazal has been gracious enough to include all of the instructions in his GitHub repository for making this project. 

Now we wonder whether Apple would include a classic game like Quake in future updates or generations of the Apple Watch, knowing that it can run it without trouble.