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Chrome Extensions That Steal Users’ Browsing Data

Google Chrome Extension

Extensions are designed to help Google Chrome users be more productive and work the way they want to; they allow users to customize and adjust the browser. However, McAFee discovered five extensions that steal and monitor users’ browsing data in recent threat detection, and the worst part is that they have been downloaded around 1.4 million times.

The five extensions will run a script that will monitor when users visit any e-commerce website and then change the victim’s cookies to make it appear that they clicked a referral link. This link is set up by the extension developer for them to collect an affiliate fee if the victims purchase something from the e-store.

Worryingly, most of these extensions are pretty popular, with many downloads, one of which has 800,000. The five extensions are as follows:

  • Netflix Party (mmnbenehknklpbendgmgngeaignppnbe) – 800,000 downloads
  • Netflix Party 2 (flijfnhifgdcbhglkneplegafminjnhn) – 300,000 downloads
  • Full Page Screenshot Capture – Screenshotting (pojgkmkfincpdkdgjepkmdekcahmckjp) – 200,000 downloads
  • FlipShope – Price Tracker Extension (adikhbfjdbjkhelbdnffogkobkekkkej) – 80,000 downloads
  • AutoBuy Flash Sales (gbnahglfafmhaehbdmjedfhdmimjcbed) – 20,000 downloads
By: McAfee

The extension functions as intended, making it more difficult for users to detect that they are being tracked.

So, if you have these extensions installed on your browser, it is strongly advised that you remove them to avoid being monitored by the creators of the extensions.

Please see McAfee’s most recent post to learn and understand more about the extensions above.