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AI-Powered Accent-Translator will Make Foreign Call Center Employees Sound American, but…

Sanas AI Accent Translator

An ongoing heated debate regarding whether AI-powered Accent-Translator is useful or discriminatory for Foreign Call Center Employees with accents when delivering customer service call.

Sanas is an AI startup founded by three former Stanford University students, the company provides real-time accent translation services to assist call center employees to be understood during phone calls.

 Marty Sarim, Sanas President told SFGate that:
“We don’t want to say that accents are a problem because you have one,”  and added “They’re only a problem because they cause bias and they cause misunderstandings.” 

By just clicking a switch button, you can enable the Accent Translator, which allows the program to translate what you say to seem more American. Sanas also provided a multitude of accents other than white American male.

The company is enthusiastic about its mission of improving the lives of both call center employees and customers. However, many people responded negatively to the removal of the accent, claiming that it would sound like white American robots when the accent translator is enabled.

The program sparked various discussions, with some claiming that AI Accent-Translator is just discrimination against non-native call center employees.