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CyberOne is Here, Xiaomi’s First Humanoid Robot


Xiaomi has revealed “CyberOne,” its first humanoid robot. The robot can move, carry objects, and detect a variety of human emotions.

This robot has enhanced arms, legs, and vision skills. CyberOne was introduced in Beijing alongside the launch of Xioami’s latest foldable phone. According to the company, the bot can detect human emotions, distinguish 3D spaces, and identify 84 different types of environmental sounds.

One cool thing Xiaomi stated about the robot is that it can even comfort its user “in times of Sadness”

CyberOne stands 177cm tall and weighs 52 kg, with a 168cm arm span. According to the company:

“CyberOne supports up to 21 degrees of freedom in motion and achieves a real-time response speed of 0.5ms for each degree of freedom, which allows it to fully simulate human movements.” 

Xiaomi said that they will continue to explore and introduce robots into people’s life. Xiaomi has just introduced “headband technology,” which allows customers to control smart home devices using their brain waves.